Hooded Beach Towels Australia


My children are in the local swimming club, they love the beach and in summer we spend long days lazing around our pool.

While ordinary towels certainly have their place, they get really heavy when they’re wet and they never seem to stay tied around the waist when they’re supposed to. For us, the cleverest solution is a hooded beach towel.

Unfortunately, I could only ever find hooded beach towels for toddlers and as our children grew, their swim hoodies didn’t fit them anymore so I decided to create the HOODIE TOWEL in sizes and colours that the whole family could use.

The Nautical Mile HOODIE TOWEL can be worn all day – at home, at the public pool, the beach, the gym – anywhere where you’ll get wet and need to dry off quickly. Towels fall off whereas the HOODIE TOWEL is completely functional; you know those days when you have arm loads of beach toys, drink bottles, bags … and kids? Well, the HOODIE TOWEL is the perfect solution.

Our kids live in theirs during summer. One minute they’re in the pool, the next they’re inside the house.

Thanks to their HOODIE TOWELS, we no longer have countless wet towels lying around, and fewer items of damp clothing too! They play, eat, run around and do everything in their HOODIE TOWEL and I just throw them in the washing machine at the end of the day.

The HOODIE TOWEL is made from 100% quality cotton (450mg2) that is a comfy thickness but not so heavy that it weighs you down or takes too long to dry! Terry towelling for absorbency on the inside and soft, deluxe velour on the outside, the Hoodie Towel is comfortable and luxurious to wear. It’s perfect for anyone who wants to cover up as soon as they get out of the water or lounge by the pool or beach between swims.

The Nautical Mile HOODIE TOWEL is a quality garment that will last for years and because it comes in two unique sizes, it’s suitable for kids, teens and adults.

I know you’ll love your HOODIE TOWEL and if you’re like us, you will use it all year round!



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