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Do your kids need a new hooded beach towel for swimming lessons?

With summer fast approaching and the weather heating up children are heading back to the pool in droves for swim lessons and swim club.

My son has recently started school swimming lessons and as our school does not have it’s own pool the school teachers have the tricky job of transporting bus loads of Year 1 students to and from the local pool.  Bags, hats, togs, swimming caps, sunscreen, googles, towels – there’s a lot to organise.  

It’s not surprising that my son’s teacher thinks kids hooded beach towels are the best invention ever.  The simplicity and hands free convenience of them can help make that trip to and from the pool that little bit easier.  Not only will a hooded towel keep your child dry, warm and protected from the sun there is much less chance that it will be lost or tripped over.

Hooded towels for Kids and Teens

Hooded towels for Kids and Teens

Unfortunately by the age of 6 or 7 most kids have grown out of their small toddler sized poncho towels and you probably thought that larger one’s don’t exist.  Well, they do now!  Nautical Mile has recently launched a stylish range of hooded beach towels for kids that are great quality and bigger than toddler size.  Made from 100% cotton, they feel thick and luxurious and are as comfortable as they are practical.  Find them online at www.nauticalmile.com.au

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