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It’s amazing who you meet on Twitter

I had been told as a small business owner I should be using Twitter as it’s a revolutionary way to interact and that being on Twitter will give me opportunities to meet and talk to oodles of people, some of whom I would never get the chance to talk to otherwise.

So I set myself up with an account and started following some people and then some people started following me…… and IT IS amazing who you can meet and talk to on Twitter!

A young and very talented junior surfer from NSW started following Nautical Mile and Nautical Mile started following her.  Jada Thomas is only 7 years old and has been undefeated in all four rounds in one of Australia’s biggest junior surf comps.  Skilled beyond her years Jada already has sponsors (which now includes Nautical Mile Hooded Towels) and one day hopes to be pro surfer.

Jada in her custom Nautical Mile Hooded Towel.

This is Jada keeping warm at the beach in her custom Nautical Mile Hooded Beach Towel.












I am thrilled that Nautical Mile has an association with Jada and glad that I’ve started to use Twitter, not particularly well – but I am learning.

More information about Jada can be found on her website jadathomassurfing.webs.com



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