Hooded Beach Towels Australia

The perfect beach towel for the Australian summer

Just over a year ago I was sitting on a beach at the Sunshine Coast with my family watching some children playing on the sand after a swim in the ocean. The kids were only around 3 or 4 years old and they were wearing small hooded towels of various design. They looked warm, comfortable and protected from the sun. My children who are now 7 and 10 had well and truly grown out of their little poncho towels that they wore to death when they were younger.

I commented to my husband that I wished I could buy larger sized hooded beach towels, but they didn’t seem to exist! After some research I did discover some towelling beach robes and poncho’s which were sewn at the sides more like an item of clothing, but this wasn’t really what I was looking for.

Like many Mums and Dads with young families, the idea of a business I could start from home was very appealing. So I registered Nautical Mile as a business and set out creating the Hoodie Towel, the perfect beach towel for the whole family.

The Hoodie Towel is simply a towel with a hood that pops over your head, open and not sewn at the sides, which I believe makes it less restrictive and more functional. It doesn’t matter what age or size you are when wearing it. You can also lay it out flat like a traditional towel on the sand or by the pool for sunbathing.

The Hoodie Towel is superior quality, thick and comfortable to wear and just so practical. Drying off and staying warm after swimming or water sports has never been so easy.

The Hoodie Towel really is the perfect beach towel and accessory for summer. It can be purchased online at www.nauticalmile.com.au

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